welcome to suldal bad

Welcome to Suldal Bad

Welcome to Suldal Bad, our indoor water park with amazing view to the fjord outside!

Suldal Bad has many great experiences and amenities to offer. We have a diving pool, a wellness pool, a lovely pond for children to play in, climbing wall and great diving possibilities, a 65 meters long slide, and a number of other facilities. At Suldal Bad you get a spectacular view of both the pool and the nature, the fjord and the mountains.

Kindly read our rules and guidelines before you come to visit. You'll find them at the right side of this page (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile).

Opening hours summer 2024 (July 2th - August 11th):
Tuesdays - Sundays 12.00 - 18.00. We are closed on Mondays. Note that you need to be out of the pool half an hour before closing time.

Our regular opening hours.


Facilities at Suldal Bad:

  • Main pool, 25x12,5 m, 28℃, with climbing wall
  • Wellness pool, 34℃
  • Children´s pool, 34℃, fountain and slide
  • 65-meter slide
  • Diving tower
  • Outdoor Jacuzzi
  • Wibit / floatable fun!
  • Sauna
  • Cafeteria indoors (both pool- and lounge area) and outside
  • At our shop you can buy swimsuits, swim goggles etc.
  • Family-wardrobe
  • Wheel chair and lift to access pool, HC wardrobe (if you need any of these, feel free to contact us prior to your visit, and we will make sure everything is ready for you: call 0047 47 48 11 31 within our opening hours)



Children 0-3: Free

Children 3-15: 100 NOK

Adult: 160 NOK

Seniors/students: 120 NOK

Family (parents and children): 450 NOK

For season tickets etc., please call 0047 47 48 11 31 within our opening hours

How to get here (Google maps).


  • Buying a ticket at Suldal Bad implies that you have read and accepted these rules and guidelines:

  • Please respect the information and instructions given by our hosts (“badevert”) and lifeguards at all times.

  • We encourage our guests to keep an eye out for one another. Parents must attend to their children at all times.

  • All adults (18 years or older) must always supervise children under the age of 12 in the water. One adult can supervise no more than three children under 12 years old.

  • The age limit is 12 years for children to come unsupervised and use our facilities. But the child must be an exceptional swimmer.

  • Children under 12 years who want to use the sauna must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Parents/supervising adults are allowed to bring children under 6 years to their wardrobe, even if the child is of the opposite gender.

  • Girls and boys from the age of six must use the wardrobe belonging to their gender. Ask our hosts (“badevert”) to accompany them in the wardrobe and shower, if necessary.

  • Always wash your entire body, without swimwear, before you enter the pool. Use soap, and rinse well. If you do not wish to wash your hair, you must use a bathing cap.

  • No use of underwear under your swimwear, please.

  • Children with diapers? You can collect a free swimming-diaper at our reception when you buy your ticket. NB: Your child still needs to wear swimwear on the outside of the diaper.

  • No running in the shower or the pool areas, please. We advise the use of slip-stops or similar pool socks for children.

  • For hygienic purpose, please shave and do your pedicure at home.

  • Open wounds, contagious diseases, or already in a covid-quarantine? Come visit us at another time, please.

  • You are not allowed to use camera or cell phone in the wardrobes, showers, sauna or pool areas.

  • Jumping and diving is fun, and you can do this ONLY from specific areas. Look for the signs in the pool area.

  • No smoking, no bubble gum and no chewing tobacco allowed on our premises.

  • We allow no use of alcohol or drugs on our premises. Visibly intoxicated persons will not have access to our area, neither indoors nor outdoors.

  • You can only access our premises with a valid ticket and within opening hours. You are under no circumstances allowed to access the pools (indoors and outdoors) when we are closed!

  • You may be held financially liable for damages caused by negligence or vandalism.

  • Be mindful of your belongings. Use your armband (ticket) to lock your cabinet. Suldal Bad cannot take responsibility for your valuables.

  • We store clothes, swimwear and other things left behind for two months.

    Remember: Our hosts/ lifeguards (“badevert”) are qualified first aid responders and will take care of you if anything happens.